• Parenting

    Doesn't Come with a Handbook 

    Parenting is a tough job. Regardless if your child is two or 22 sometimes we need help navigating through parental concerns. In working with children, Texas PCS can guide you through roadblocks that hinders communication. Parenting Counseling teaches you to avoid the “push me, pull me” interactions with your child. You will learn methods of  converting defiance to compliance.  Texas PCS can also assist you with concerns, specific to your child's needs, some which may include concerns in order to decrease embarrassing public breakdowns and showdowns. Repairing conflict by setting clear and consistent limits will reduce family turmoil and allow you to build emotional intimacy with your child.

    Parents may wonder, what is "normal" behavior? While some behaviors  are listed as normal, keep in mind it does not mean the behaviors are acceptable.

    • Not completing homework.
    • Losing contacts, or breaking glasses.
    • Telling you that you "never" listen to them.
    • Wanting to fit in.
    • Wanting material items, but not wanting to work for them.
    • Wanting to spend more time with friends and less with their parent(s).

    Signs to Watch For

    • A sudden change in personality.
    • A change in friends and associations.
    • Extreme need for sleep.
    • Getting physical with family members, including the family pet such as punching, or kicking.

    Texas PCS is here for your parenting concerns. Texas PCS counselors have worked with juveniles and teens who have been court-ordered, abused substances, ran away from home, and in cases of separation of divorce, reports to "hate" a parent.

    If your child is named in a court order, custody agreement, or other legal document regarding consent for treatment of a minor, Texas Premier Counseling Services must have a copy of the order before we begin services. 

    Monika Logan and Dr. Ken Johnson both are licensed professional counselors. Our Licensing Board reads:  LPCs in Texas, 681.41(aa) Prior to the commencement of counseling services to a minor client who is named in a custody agreement or court order, a licensee shall obtain and review a current copy of the custody agreement or court order, as well as any applicable divorce decree. A licensee shall maintain these documents in the client’s record.

  • Services

    Texas PCS counselors have experience in working with parents who are struggling with their child or teenager. Some of today's  struggles are parents who worry about their  teenagers using substances, sexual promiscuity, poor academic performance, and defiance. Texas PCS counselors are here to help. We can assist you, as a parent to:

    • Set boundaries and stick with them.
    • Assist you with "tough" conversations.
    • Learn to be a parent not a friend.
    • Cooperate and communicate with your co-parent.